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Freiezeit is a place where time and space and knowledge is fluid and is seen in many ways to be one. While certain aspects of it has an old-world feel, it is a extremely advanced scientific society. The residents are physical beings who have gained such power over their own consciousnesses as to be able to have it removed and even transported across dimensions if needed, though it is needed to be bound to a host and only able to be separated by being retrieved or death of the host. The dimension is ruled by a monarchy, but said rule has had its difficulties.

When the invasion forces of Tartusuria struck, the regent's essence was sent across the dimensions, along with the king's most trusted advisor, to be safe. A guard of the highest order was to go with them, and he was ready for the trip, but at the last moment, Lord Draxionís forces deflected his essence away from earth, trapping him within a prison made of rock in space.

When the advisor reached Earth, he inhabited the body of a man known as Burt Remington. The advisor also found that he had been separated from his regent. Because of the fluidity of time, the two had accidentally been sent to different eras. Unable to find him anywhere, the advisor settled in to life on the planet and joined with the Earth's heroes of the time so that, when he eventually found his ward, they could aide in his protection. He eventually took a human wife and the two had a son that was named after his father. After the Legion of Champions disbanded, Burt aided in the formation of a new group: the Champions of Justice.

About five years after the formation of the CoJ, Burt Sr. sensed the presence of another of his kind, but so had Lord Draxion. The Champions of Justice went to the Arizona town that Burt led them to. They tracked the person down, a girl named Angel, and had her evaced by Banshee. Burt was picking up a secondary presence as well, but before he could investigate further, Draxion teleported the town to Tatursuria in an attepmt to capture the Starchild. The Champions fought to protect the child and the town, and managed to reverse Draxioní warp machine, but at a cost. Burt Remington Sr. died before he could reveal the identity of the Freizeitan they were protecting or the fact that there was a second presence.

As Remington died, the Advisor transferred to the body of Burtís biological son, a college aged young man. While he returned to Arizona to investigate the secondary presence, eventually deciding that it must have have been an echo effect. When the Regent fully emerged in Angel a few years later, Burt Jr. fully adpoted the girl and worked to teach her what it was like to be human. Before long, though, the Advisor and the Regent were summoned home, leaving the Burt Jr. and Angel to adapt to a world without the Freiezeit presence in their lives. The Champions, for their part, found the situation perplexing but accepted everything at face value.

The small meteorite containing the essence of the guard eventually fell to Earth, where it was found by Bryce Janus. While the guardian was unable to transfer his essence from the rock, he was able to grant his human friend with powers and abilities beyond mortal man, becoming Meteorite and also joining the Champions of Justice.

The Regent now rules in their natural father's stead. They took a mate and, in time, had children of their own: twins identifying as a prince and a princess. When they came of age, the Regent prepared them for their own journey to earth, to learn what it means to be human. It was only after they were dispersed that the Regent realized the time displacement that had affected them and the Advisor was still active, separating the twins through time and space. The Prince found himself in the body of a boy named Matthew Starr at the same time as Angel in Arizona, only to be captured by an American black ops agency instead of taken in by Remington. The princessÖ she was not so lucky. The two were eventually reunited and now travel the world, trying to figure out what their parent thought was so great about it.

Known Residents
The Regent (Angel Remington)
The Advisor (Burt Remington Sr. and Burt Remington Jr. )
The Guard (the Guardian entity )
The Prince (Matthew Starr )
The Princess (Berni Baxter )

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