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The Rizzoli family is an old-school mob family. While most of the family is centralized out of Empire City, the two oldest sons are the front men of what's left of the old mob influence within Las Vegas. While big business has invaded and taken much of the power within sin city, the mob has mantained some measure of influence over the shadier businesses. This power base has recently been challenged, however, by another mob influence moving into town and making moves to take over. As such, the Rizzoli Brothers were taking steps to try and ensure that their position stays secured. This failed, however, when the police moved in on them, investigating an assassination of a stoolpidgeon within their midst. The encounter ended in a shootout, leaving the Rizzoli Brothers and what was left of their criminal influence no more.

Deceased Members
Uberto Rizzoli
Antonio "Tonino" Rizzoli
Danny LaTierri

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Last updated on 4 July 2023