Creaed by Doug Zeitlin
Team PL: 11
Current gamemaster: Doug Zeitlin

The U.S. Government's first attempt at creating a super team under their control resulted in Freedom Force. Freedom Force was successful, but some of the heroes grew uncomfortable with their covert nature: Mass Master was a scientist who had developed dimension altering technology that was built into suits that were worn by himself and Bounceback; Mentalus was a psionic who kept his origins private; Sentinel was among the first people to undergo the wonder warrior process. As their official re-enlistment date approached, they wanted to go public. Project: Eclipse was started to coerce them into staying a black-ops team.

The government's Project: Eclipse failed. Not only did it not convince the members of Freedom Force to re-up, it actually gave them the ammunition needed to blow the whistle on the covert government super team. They struck out on their own, and, with the blessing of General William Wilcox, were allowed to keep their equipment.

They relocated to Houston, Texas, keeping the name "Eclipse" out of spite. Still patriotic by nature, they have become a watchdog group, ever vigilant of the sometimes tenuous relationship between the Government and the parahuman community. They tried their best to work with other heroes in the area. But even when one of their own, Mentalus, lost his life to the machinations of the Blasters, they continued their fight for justice.

The accident that gave Carl Johnston, the ex-Crusader Thunder, super powers, gave certain people within the government incentive to once more create their own supers. They started Project: New Moon, using people who had not volunteered and putting them through life-threatening processes to create super powers. Eclipse freed the victims, including Demolition, Blurr and Prism. While Prism chose not to join Eclipse, the other two did. With the addition of these two, Thunder, plus Ion Storm, and two(!) new Mentalus', the group grew even stronger and more dedicated.

Over the past few years, the team has continued to change. Thunder moved to Chicago. Bounceback and Blurr fell in love and have married; she then retired. But the team continues to fight for the ideals of the common man.

Full-Time Members

Part-Time Members
Ion Storm
Mass Master

Retired Members

Deceased Members and Allies
Mentalus I
Silver Bullet¹
Mentalus III

Former Allies and Members
Billy Bob McGraw
Mentalus II
Nimrod the Hunter
White Tiger

Eclipse Base and Vehicle

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