AKA Project: Moonshot

Created by Douglas Zeitlin and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (10-11)

Some years after the Legion of Champions disbanded, there came a time when a number of new teams of freelance parahumans appeared: the Liberty Squadron, the Windy City Warrior, and the Champions of Justice. Certain groups within the United States governent decided that the best way to manipulate these teams was create one of their own, covertly filled with their own agents, and allow the bonds of trust within the franternity to develop. Thus, Project: Moonshot, as it was known officially, was born. Parahuman agents were created, backstories given, and a super hero team, Freedom Force was created. After a number of years, several of the members of Freedom Force, were threatening to go public, and a new operation, Project: Eclipse, was opened to try to prevent this from happening.

Former Members
Super Patriot II
Captain Carnage
Energy Woman
Mass Master

© Copyright 1988, 2022 - Douglas Zeitlin, Kenneth G. Hallaron

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