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Very little is known about the Algolians. They are a warrior race who often hire themselves out as mercenaries throughout the galaxy. Finding capture anathema, the Algolians designed their armour to eplosively disintigrate if breached. Terran parahumans have learned to exploit this when encountering these warriors. Few other races have been so lucky, though, and having never been seen without their armour has prevented understanding and added to their mystique.

The fiece and mysterious nature of the algolians as soldiers and warriors has led to some confusion about their origin. Being known, roughly, as "alien demons" by many interstellar cultures, their planet of origin translates as "demon star" in those languages. This led to a confluence, on Earth, with the binary star Algol (also called the Demon Star), in the constellation of Perseus, and their Terran name becoming "Algolian". Algolians, though, are not from Algol, any more than Alexadre Eiffel was from Paris, Texas.

Known Algolians
Algolian Warlords
Algolian Tracker Caste
Algolian Warrior Caste

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