Clayton Vangor and the Villain

Created by: Ken Hallaron and Andy Fox
Team PL: 7-12

The origins of the Villain begin with the mad scientist known Clayton Vangor and the ex-Crusader known as the Hero. Vangor's specialty is in cloning but he has also dabbled in genetic engineering. Several years ago, Clayton Vangor was working for Technilogical Innovations Now in Williamsburg, NJ. However, the science librarian working there, Glenn Ferguson, became aware of some of Vangor's less than ethical experiments, and his report to their superiors resulted in Vangor being fired. Sometime later, Vangor kidnapped Ferguson, to use as a human guinea pig in his cloning experiments. What Vangor didn't know, at the time, was that Ferguson was the hero known as the Hero. Ferguson's efforts to escape or contact his friends failed, and he was cloned. He was then put in Vangor's experimental memory transfer unit, and Ferguson's personality and memories, more or less, were copied into the clone body. The clone, quite accidentally, revealed Glenn's secret. In observing the examination of the clone, Glenn realised that the mind copying was imperfect and some slight varience had crept in. Vangor hadn't noticed, and as a part of his experiment, he erased the clone's memory of being a clone and of Vangor and released him to take over Glenn's life.

Glenn had hoped that the details the clone got wrong (the nature of Glenn's job, the colour of the Hero's cape, diminished sense of humour) would tip off the Crusaders, but it didn't. The Hero II was apparently killed in the Crusaders debacle with Havok, after spending several months with the Crusaders. In the meantime, Vangor experimented more with the Hero, growing another clone, and then reversing the polarity on the memory transfer machine. This resulted in a being known as the Villain. He had Glenn's memories, but the personality was "reversed". Glenn's heroic tendencies became the clone's villainous tendencies. During the battle that resulted from the Villain's (in Glenn's opinion predicatable) betrayal, Glenn finally got free. However he was injured and ended up hospitalised with amnesia for a few years.

Ultimatly, both the Villain and Vangor escaped Vangor's exploding lair as well. Both with working knowledge of how to recreate Vangor's cloning and memory transfer machines. This has made stopping either of of them virtually impossible. They've both cloned themselves several times. The Villain who worked with Wily Willie and revealed most of the Crusaders identities to the world was killed, but he has since resurfaced multiple times. Vangor, it is believed, has worked both for Viper and has gone to work independently, lending his mad genius to various other criminals. At some point, Vangor created a kind of synthetic being to be slave labor, and a small, inexpensive army. These beings are called Rangthors.

The Villain and Clayton Vangor
Dr. Clayton Vangor
The Villain
The Rangthor

How the Villain created a very Heroic Family

© Copyright 1994, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, Andrew C. Fox

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