The Hero Family

Created by Ken Hallaron and Andy Fox
Team PL: 10 (8-12)

The process started with Clayton Vangor and the Villain, and Glenn Ferguson has been beside himself ever since. A few years ago, the Champions of Justice accidently discovered, in Antarctica, a gestation center set-up by one of the Villains; a laboratory where the Villain was growing more clones of himself. Inside, the Champions found five clones at different stages of development. To look at them, they appeared to be anywhere between 13 and 25. But they had only received the earliest levels of Glenn's brain engrams. And none of them had had their moral polarity reversed yet.

These clones became charges of Glenn Ferguson. Despite his apprehension, he realised that he was probably the best teacher for them. He understands them at a level no one can match. He named them after characters from the novel M.A.S.H. and became their teacher and father figure. Them being in his life had a tremendous influence on Glenn, leading to him being contacted by Morning Star to become a trusted part of the Shooting Star Ranch staff, and then the better ran and organised Radio Ranch, started for the same children.

Recently, BJ ("Painless") Ferguson, oldest of the clones, had shown signs of being mature enough to pass for a true adult, and is trying to become an active crimefighter. His younger "brother", Radar, also thought he was ready to adventure, but believed he should do so as an apprentice to another Hero. Together, they attached themselves to Crusader Force. However, the trauma from observing Missile Man end his own life has benched them both. Duke has substituted himself for Glenn with Crusader Force at least once as well.

Glenn has also learned that there is apparently an amnesiac ghost wandering around San Francisco exhibiting his powers. A confrontation led to him concluding that this enigma is really the soul of the clone of the Hero who had infiltrated the Crusaders and was killed by Havok. He has begun investigating the cloning laboratory accident calling herself Glenda Ferguson. Most recently, Crusader Force found a quartet of them, along with Vangor and Rangthor clones, causing Painless and Radar to dedicate themselves to giving all clones the chance they had gotten to develop lives and personalities of their own.

The Hero and his clones
Glenn Ferguson, Hero Prime
The Villain(s)
"Duke" Ferguson, the Hero IV
"Hawkeye" Ferguson, the Hero V
"Painless" Ferguson (formerly the Hero III)
"Trapper" Ferguson, the Hero VI
"Radar" Ferguson (formerly the Sidekick)
Enigma (formerly the Hero II)
Glenda Ferguson, Heroin
Ferris Glenberg, Thunderdome
George Ferguson (formerly the Moron)
Glenny Ferguson (formerly the Slim)
Glenley Ferguson (formerly the Heavy)
W.T. "Wild Thing" Ferguson (formerly the Trog)

Gamma Vision is the name of the power that allows the Hero and his clones to see through matter at great distances. Despite the name, gamma radiation is not involved. It can penetrate lead and gold. However, very dense materials (e.g. Uranium, Platinum, Putonium, Osmium, Iridium) will block it. Also arrays of mirrors, with the reflective sides facing one another create a reflective distortion that will also interfere with seeing beyond them.

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