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The Champions of Justice have been around for nearly a decade and a half. Within that time they have had friends and allies who have never actually joined the team. Smaller teams have been assimilated. There have been the occasional splinter groups.


Created by Ken Hallaron

During the time that Champions of Justice were working primarily as a regional team, they operated out of the Los Angeles area. A loose confederation of heroes working out of Seattle took it upon themselves to be the primary team of the Pacific Northwest; they were called Firepower. Of course they met on occasion, and as the Champions' took on larger responsibilities they invited the members of Firepower to join them. Today, Firefly is in college, and is only a part time super-heroine, while her teammates are now long time Champions.

Former Members


Created by Neil Lindgren

There was a brief period when a number of the Champions of Justice who were still in the Los Angeles area considered the idea that the city still needed a local hero team. They even began the process of separating from the Champions of Justice before they changed their minds. Eventually, Fireforce went on to create within the Los Angeles Police Department the prototype Parahuman Crime Division that would grow to become federal and nationwide. The name is not a coincidence.

Former Members
Guardian III
la Chatte


Created by Jim Caswell

Several of the lesser or non-powered members of the Champions of Justice ended up working together on a case that for a time looked like it was pointing to a national criminal conspiracy, especially since New York hero Metal Dragon had travelled cross-country because of it. During that period of time, that group temporarily considered splintering off from the Champions of Justice. The idea was rejected both because the threat was not as monstrous as it seemed, and also because the personality clashes would have shortly torn the team apart.

Former Members
Alistair Munro
la Chatte
Guardian II
Metal Dragon

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Created by Neil Lindgren

The arrival of the Koezar Princess T'Zianthra over the Canadian half of Lake Huron pursued by Algolian fighters heralded the beginning of the invasion. A few heroes with Canadian ties were put in charge of guarding the princess. La Chatte, between stints with the new Crusaders and the Champions of Justice, suggested that they form their own super hero team. It didn't work out but during their brief existence they encountered most of the super heroes in Canada. It also was a good proving ground for T'Zianthra. She joined the COJ as Sylvie became active again.

Former Members Assistants Allies
la Chatte
Shock Absorber
Charolette Breié
Blazing Star
Captain Canada I


Created by Jim Caswell

Generation Y-Not assembled a group of parahuman children for their own nefarious purposes. Stopped by the Champions of Justice and Hoshi of Force d'Orleans, their victims were left under Hoshi's foster care at the Shooting Star Ranch, outside of outside Phoenix, Arazona. After Glenn Ferguson was brought in by The Patricia O'Neil Foundation to tutor the children, he realized that the arrangement was not going to work out.

Caretakers Children Clones of Glenn
Hoshi of Yonori
Sion Starr
Glenn Ferguson
Aiyara Oyonori
Baktu Oyonori
Jessie Bryant
Amy Mitchell
Jaime Martinez
J.B. North
Saul Roberts
Brian Vargo
"Duke" Ferguson
"Hawkeye" Ferguson
"Painless" Ferguson
"Trapper" Ferguson
"Radar" Ferguson

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The kids and Hero Family ended up at
Radio Ranch

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