Champions of Justice
OSPREY The Sea Hawk

NAME : Garrett "Gary" Grant IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Huron City, Ontario, Canada POWER LEVEL : 11 PLAYER : Ken Hallaron
Osprey, the grumpy birdman

Abilities Cost: 92

Lifting STR 4/7 680 lbs./3 tons Flight SPD 7 250 MPH Rocket Pack SPD 11 5000 MPH Impervious ignores up to 3 Critical Immunity
* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 13

+17 Close, Damage 4, multiattack Talon Blades +16 Close, Damage 6, pen. 4, multi., Crit. 16-20 Cutting Laser +14 Close Reach 3, Damage 8, pen. 8 (15 ft.) Talon Blaster +14 Ranged Damage 8


Accurate Attack All-Out Attack Agile Feint Assessment Benefit 2 (CoJ, Athletics uses Agility) Close Attack 1 Connected

Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 2 Equipment 10 Evasion 2 Great Endurance Improved Initiative 1 Language (French) Move-by Action Power Attack

Skill Mastery (Talons) Teamwork Tracking Uncanny Dodge Well Informed
Improved Critical 4 (Talon Blades, 16-20)
Advantages Cost: 33

Acrobatics 9 8 1 Athletics 8 8 -- Close Combat 14 13/1 -- Talons Blades 16 13/1 2 Unarmed 18 14 4 Deception 5 2 3 Expertise
Sociology 10 8 2 Parahuman
Community 9 8 1 Wing Harness
Maintenence 10 8 2

Insight 8 5 3 Intimidation 5 2 3 Investigation 10 8 2 Perception 10 5 5 Persuasion 5 2 3 Ranged Combat 1 1 -- Talon Blaster 14 1/6 7 Sleight of Hand 4 1 3 Stealth 10 8 2 Technology 9 8 1 Treatment 9 8 1 Vehicles 4 1 3
Skills Cost: 24

Water-Friendly: Swimming 3 3 Martial Arts skill: Multiattack on 6 Close Damage (4 STR + 2) 6
Powers Cost: 9

Winged Flight Harness Array 11 AE Winged Flight: Flight 7, Aquatic, Winged 8 AE Slower Flight: Flight 5, Subtle 1 1 AE Rocket Thrusters w/Parabolic Shortcut: Flight 11, 1 Concentration, Distracting AE Emergency Chute: Movement 1 (Safe Fall); Flight 4, Gliding, 1 Wings (but not his usual wings) Flight Harness Enhanced Strength 3, limited to lifting 3 Protective Uniform: Impervious Toughness 5; Protection 2; 15 Immunity 8 (Sensory Affliction Effects, environmental Heat & Cold, High Pressure), ½ effect; Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, all Suffocation), Not vs Choke Holds Helmet: Senses 4 (Extended Vision 2, Low-Light Vision, Radio) 4 Krytanium Gauntlet Talons Array, Indestructable, Removable(-3) 18 AE Talon Blaster: Ranged Damage 8, Accurate 3 19 AE Close Combat: Talon Blades: STR-based Damage 2, Improved 1 Critical 4, Penetating 4; Forearm Guard: Deflect 13, Reduced Range (Close), Melee Reach 1 AE Cutting Laser: Damage 8, Penetrating 8, Reach 3 (15 ft.) 1 Ungrounded Shielding Immunity 10 (Electricity), ½ effect, only 4 while airborne
Devices Cost: 55
Total Cost: 226
Base Points: 176 ExP Spent: 50 Experience Points Total: 58 Total Points: 226

Raptors' Nest base, Commlink with Harrier 12 CoJ Communicator COJ-041, Contributions to CoJ Bases & CoJ Vehicles 11 Utility Belt: Concealable & Parabolic Microphones, Mini-tracer, 27 Flashlight, Restraints, Tool-kit, Multi-tool, Smoke, Sleep, Tear and Explosive Bombs, Flash-Bangs
Responsibility - Osprey feels a strong need to maintain the heroic legacy of his mother, grandfather, and great-uncle. Part of this need had him agree to train his second cousin in the family business as his partner.
Power Loss - Gary's powers all come from devices, many of which are sizable. If he gets caught without his gear or cannot get to it, he's powerless.
Directionless Civilian - Osprey is his true self: Gary is a bit of a cipher.
No really; why is he smiling?

Known Background: Often seen patroling the skies over Huron City, Ontario, Osprey is known to be the son of the heroine Ladyhawk, and, as such, the purported grandson of the British World War II hero known as the Raven. He began his crime-fighting career quietly, several months before la Chatte recruited him to be a part of the Knights of Justice. He has publicly stated that he believes his inexperience and attitude was a significant factor in the group's failure to gel. Acquitting himself well during the Algolian invasion and again during an onslaught of lycanthropes he was offered a spot with the Champions of Justice several times before he accepted during a recruitment drive some years ago.

Personality: Osprey is a professional hero. He knew from a young age that following in the family business and becoming a super hero is what he wanted to do and has worked hard to achieve his goal. His life as Gary Grant is less defined. His decison to get his Masters Degree was largely based on his not knowing what he wants to in his secret identity. His dedication to his heroic goals has made Osprey a rather serious fellow, but not as much as his reputation, gained with the KoJ, as a 'grumpy bird man' would seem to indicate. His attitudes towards crime fighting, instilled by his Legion family and friends, tend to be "old school." His high standards for himself still cause him a noticable amount of self-doubt.

Powers/Tactics: Osprey has no powers. His artificial wings are what allow him to fly. He is, however, very proficient at it. He is in incredible physical condition. He is trained in multiple forms of combat, and has adapted those techniques for fighting while in flight. He wears a pair of steel gauntlets, each fitted with an extremely sharp set of talons. A small jet engine attached to the harness allows him to fly at mach speeds. A transparent shield drops from his helmet when he activates his breathing apparatus.

Appearance: Osprey is 6 foot and weighs around 210 lbs. His uniform is dark brown and white and is dominated by the harness for his wings. Beneath his armoured clothing, there is the body of an incredible athlete. The beaked helmet conceals his dark hair and eyes.

Osprey was created, designed and played by Ken Hallaron.

© Copyright 1998, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron

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If he's a 'grumpy birdman' why is he smiling?

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