Champions of Justice


As an organisation, the Champions of Justice continues to grow. They have found that having a civilian support staff beneficial. These indivduals help with many different tasks.

Administrative Staff
Mark Adams (Finance Coordinator)
Larry Carter • (Business Administrator)
Christina Cameron • (Executive Assistant)
Dwight Jones (Legal Counsel)
Howard Saunders • (media relations)
Z'Orinus dhel Q'Maari (general)
Libby (Liberty Station Manager)
Golden Eagle II "Junior" • (Aerie Manager)
Technical Staff
Carmen de la Vega-Tslemnekov (Scientist)
Paula Rostokov (Aeronautical Engineer)
Flynn Stone (computer specialist)

Museum Staff
Alistair Munro (LoC / IHHF Museum curator)
Jacob Richards (IHHF Museum manager)
Ben Allison (Legion of Champions Museum manager)
George A. Brown ° (Crusader Museum curator)

Medical Personell: Physicians
Doyle O. Conan
David Cray
Amy Ericson
Simone Ravens •
Jodi Smith
Medical Personell: Nursing
Nancy Wells
Casey Dopplemier
Juanita Sanchez
Jeri Smith
Terry Stephenson
Raquel "Rocky" Stone

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• - indicates former Hawk ally brought in through the annexation of the Hawk.
° - indicates former Crusader not brought through the annexation of the Crusaders.

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