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There are at least six known types of vampires within the RC Universe. Each strain has come from a different origin point, but all contain aspects of the popular mythology. While each branch of vamperism has their own specialties, they share two innate traits: changing people into vampires is a deliberate act (not a by-product of just getting bitten) and the process is not a gradual conversion based on multiple feedings ("one and done").

The first vein of vampires can be traced back to Drakus, who was an escaped demon from Der Nacht. His offspring bear a close resemblence to many of the classic vampire myths surrounding Count Dracula. They not only have the thirst for blood, but also have the power of flight and mind control, though not the shapeshifting. They also have the added weaknesses to holy ground and garlic.

It is unclear where the second strain of vampirism originated. These vampires are polymorphs, able to shapeshift into animals or mist at will. They too have specific weaknesses that are common only to their kind with an aversion to silver that is shared with those cursed with lyconthopy.

The third branch that shares the standard vampire form are created by a relatively new master vampire called Harbinger. Fortuantely, they do not share his daywalker tendancies and seem to be the most brutish of the bunch with their protruding brows and brooding demeanors. They are also the most suseptable to wooden stakes, usually bursting into ash if pierced through the heart.

The fourth branch is the most recent group, having been only recently created using magic to merge aspects of the polymorph and Harbinger lines and, basing it off of the snake vampire mythology of Central America, evolved it into a much tougher strain of monster.

The fifth branch is perhaps the least known about as they are the creation of a black-ops organization. While they are able to survive in sunlight, their skin sparkles, making them the laughing stock of the vampiric community and undead proof that the supernatural and science do not make good bedfellows, as well as those that don't understand vampires shouldn't create vampires.

The sixth version of vampires take more after the Chinese version of the creature, appearing to have more in common with zombies than the European version of bloodsuckers. These Hopping Vampires have little need for plasma for sustinance and are not transformed by the spread of a virus. While the soul has passed on to the afterlife, the body's memory (or body soul, as the Chinese believe) is reanimated by magic.

Polymorph Vampires Culebras Vampires Harbinger Vampires
Baroness Bale
Chupador -deceased-
Axis Mundi
The Countess
Tiffani Dempsey
Padre de la Muerte -deceased-
Zancudo -deceased-
Vampire Henchmen
Polymorph Thralls

Robert Diaz -deceased-
Vampire Henchmen

Abomination -deceased-
Vladamir Bludski -deceased-
Hank Coates
Vampire Henchmen

Project: Titan Vampires Drakus Vampires Chinese Vampires

Drakus -deceased-
Midas -deceased-
Alexander -deceased-
Albert Deitricht
Armored Vampire Henchmen
Vampire Henchmen

Blue Falcon Jiang Shi -deceased-
Tiger Jiang Shi -deceased-
Shan Shan Jiang Shi
Blaze Jiang Shi
Moore Jiang Shi
Naja Haje Jiang Shi
Jiang Shi Henchmen

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