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While not all of the RCU's horrors lead directly back to Der Nacht, plenty do. It all started shortly after the birth of Christ when a barbarian leader ran head long into the goals of Germanicus Ceasar, who was trying to take over the area now known as Germany for Rome. When the rebel leader was finally captured, he called forth a sorceress to condemn the warrior's soul to hell. Unbeknownst to anyone, she actually opened a portal to another dimension, now known in the black magic circles as Der Nacht.

Der Nacht proved to be a dimension of pure evil - thought of by most of the residents as hell itself. When the portal was opened, they received a sampling of our realm and found themselves wanting more. One such creature, a ruler - dubbed later as The Boogy Man - of one of the many plains, quickly made a pact with the pair of humans to continue the ritual slaying of innocents. In exchange for power beyond their imagination, he would take the sacrificed souls to feed his powers.

Not wanting the Boogy Man to have sole influence over this new dimension, other rulers put their own agents into play on Earth over time. Fortunately for humanity, Der Nacht has a counterbalance, a yang to its yin. This dimension, believing themselves to be agents of the most high God, often send agents of their own to act on the side of light and protect the Earth.

Followers of Germanicus' ritual cropped up and The Boogey Man began to rise in power in the dark realm. Likewise, when Germanicus and the Sorceress died, he captured their souls as well and turned them into the first of his soldiers - Drakus (now known as Fang) and Panthenon. Through the ages, the Followers continued as most cults do, working in secret to gather power and prestige. Occasionally, their presence would surface for what it was and lead to almost total annihilation of the sects. Meanwhile, Boogey Man went through the centuries picking out the most deadly and maniacal Followers to recruit into his cadre of minions. The only exception was the first victim, the brainwashed barbarian now known as Pallequin.

Also during this time, Drakus and Panthenon were granted special privileges above and beyond those of the other minions. All of them were allowed to return to cause havoc as "monsters" (with Donovich, Rudalt and Maltron actually making semi-famous names for themselves), but the two of them were allowed to go one step farther in creating "offspring". Drakus became the father of all vampires, while Panthenon was the creator of lycanthropes; specializing in werewolves.

By the third quarter of the twentieth century, the Boogy Man had a virtual army. Finally seeing this as his opportunity, Boogey Man launched an assault on the human race. It was the coming together of the founding members of the Champions of Justice to foil his plans and send the residents of Der Nacht packing. A few years later, sparked from this failure and decades of building resentment, The Boogey Man was faced with a rebellion. In the confusion, two residents made a break for it - Drakus and Pallequin. Many of them were wiped out in the war that followed, with only those loyal to The Boogey Man surviving. Now he waits as the Followers grow in size once more.

Recently, however, Der Nacht was shaken by the defeat of the Boogey Man. During this time, Panthenon escaped, rejoining with her old ally Drakus. A new ruler rose through the ranks, though nothing is known of him to those that study such things on Earth. He is simply known as the Demon Master. The link to Earth that allowed Followers to grow in power was shattered, not once, but twice, leaving Der Nacht without a source of influence on the mortal plain.... until now.

Known Residents
The Demon Master
The Abomination
The Hermaphrodite Horde

Ghost Empress

The Boogie Man

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