United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT)

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"UNIT's status is supported by enabling legislation that allows it to assume emergency powers when necessary. Although it operates under the authority of the United Nations, its members are seconded from the host country's military and are still bound to obey that chain of command. However, if the commander feels it appropriate and necessary, the commander can request that Geneva overrule the national government. UNIT is able to call on the conventional military branches for support, such as the RAF for precision air-strikes. Due to the international nature of the organisation, it is sometimes viewed with suspicion by local military and national security agencies, who feel that it might impinge on their sovereignty. UNIT's existence is known to the public, but mainly as a security organisation with scientific expertise; its actual agenda is classified, some believing it to be some kind of covert counter-terrorist unit. UNIT has the authority to detain persons indefinitely without trial, appeal, outside contact or legal representation." -- Wikipedia - 10/9/2023

Known Operatives
Brigadier Winifred Bambera, United Kingdom Branch Commander
Colonel Jesus Delgado, Kingdom of Spain Branch Commander

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