The Commodore

Created by Ken and Matt Hallaron and Tim Phillips
Team PL: 11

The Commodore is a criminal and pirate. It is unknown if he has any real naval background, but his nom de guerre is an affectation. He is the ruler of a large, mobile, artificial island, that he has named Omega Island, that has proven very capable of escaping detection. It is unknown how he came to be in posession of the this island base, but it is known that Omega Island is a refuge for pirates and criminals. Omega Island was visited by the Crusaders during one of their last recorded cases, pursuing recent Radke escapees. The Crusaders were all bested save la Chatte, who managed to get her teammates to the Crusader Hovervan and escape. Of course, Omega Island was gone when they tried to return.

Some time later, the Whip did return, disguised as a criminal, and he became a part of a bloodsport-style tournament the Commodore was running. Several villains, including some of the Radke escapees, and a number of older criminals, such as Miss Muscles and the Deflector, were engaging in areana battles to the death. He found allies in Midnight Cross, Nightblood, and Terminal Velocity (Turbo in disguise) who had similarly infiltrated the tournament. After shutting down the bloodsport and discovering that the Commodore had escaped, the heroes went to contatct their allies, leaving Nightblood in charge of the prisoners. While they were away, Commodore returned, bested Nightblood, and Omega Island disappeared again.

The Commodore
The Commodore
Commodore's Navy
Commodore's Hands

© Copyright 1983, 2023 - Matthew T. Hallaron, Kenneth G. Hallaron, Timothy N. Phillips

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