The Fortanchus

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 13 (13-15)

Lord Fortanchu was an evil wizard living in the Himilayas, in the shadow of Mount Everest. He had sired two children. His son, Mo, found religion at a Hindu temple near the Fortanchu compound, and rejected his father's evil ways. Lord Fortanchu disowned his son, but was not able to outright murder his own flesh and blood. This did not protect Mo when he allied with the Champions of Justice against his father. Had Lord Fortanchu prevailed, Mo would have suffered the same fate as any other Champion. He did not. Mo's sister, Auring Fortanchu, though, did share her father's desire for wealth and power, and happily learned magic from him. She was an evil apprentice and heir. And at one point, Fortanchu sought to fuse the two most evil magical families, arranging for Auring to wed the son of Kristoffer, Mordred's Son. This union was halted by the Champions. Soon after that, auring performed a coup against her father, and killed him. she now rules the Fortanchu stronghold, along with the Fortanchus human agents, and their Yeti. She does seek her brother's death.

The Fortanchu Clan
Lady Auring Fortanchu
Ice Dragon
Snow Ninjas
Slave Overseers

Deceased Fortanchus
Lord Mang Fortanchu

Disowned Fortanchus
Mo Fortanchu

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