Drébin Technologies

Created by Eric Gryzwa
Location: New Orleans, LA

Created by Francois Drébin after graduation from college and thanks to seed money provided by his wealthy parents, Frank was able to quickly transform the small New Orleans start-up company into a multi-million dollar corporation specializing in using gemstones for technological storage devises. While it was a lucrative market, they soon began expanding into other markets, including research of alternative energies and metals. They also purchased the Starchylde Casino in Las Vegas, primarily as an opportunity for Francois to bond with his resurfaced uncle.

Plans to expand the company through the purchase of Technological Innovations Now and building a new headquarters in Eppard Meadows began, with Francois and his head of public relations relocating there to oversee development. The plans came crashing down, however, due to TIN reversing their decision to sell, which left Drébin Technologies a little worse for wear. Drébin put the new property up for sale and returned all of the business dealings to New Orleans. After several months, the property finally sold to Amalgam Materials, enabling Drébin Technologies to finally recoup some of its losses.

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Last updated on 4 July 2023