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Location: Eppard Meadows, NC

Amalgam Materials is the parent company of several different branch divisions focusing on different interests of its owner, Larry Lafler. The parent company was started with a government grant to create a new super metal based upon the compounds found in Enladeron. While they were able to successfully create Phototanium Delta and are beginning to make it available to the general public, it is still only a facsimile of Enladeron; not a full-on replica. The company also serves as Lafler's personal scientific playground, researching whatever subject strikes his fancy at any given moment.

Using the immense profits from this, Lafler expanded the company into several other shell companies designed to buy up technology, weaponry and medical corporations that make astounding breakthroughs, but who's research, if sold to various governments, would cause harm to the populace; especially sentient races. Once a technology or process can be countered if misused, then it is released to government and corporate contracts. This was how the company acquired the San Francisco genetics lab and has put it in charge of developing and testing new pharmaceutical drugs.

Even more recently, Lafler decided that he needed a bigger toybox. He purchased the unused Drébin Technologies building in Eppard Meadows to put all of his holdings under one roof. Due to the high crime rate (due to the former abandoned project), he invested a great deal of money to find other scientists and inventors (and their plus ones in some cases) that shared his interests, hiring them to join him in both the lab work and cleaning up the streets.

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Last updated on 4 July 2023