The StarChylde Casino

Created by Jim Caswell
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Originally opened as part of the establishment of a "family friendly" Vegas, the Starchylde Hotel and Casino was opened by Remington Enterprises. When Burt Remington Jr. eventually lost a large percentage of his parahuman abilities and took a more subdued role with both the company and the Champions of Justice, the casino was put up for sale and purchased by a private owner named MacArthur Duncan, who became a bit of a self-exiled Howard Hughes-like hermit that haunted his penthouse apartment at the top of the hotel.

This changed when the Aces were formed, given financial backing and a headquarters by the casino. A few months into their residency, an attack on their base led to Duncan being injured, prompting him to put the casino up for sale and leaving for a new hiding spot. After a few months on the market, it was purchased by Drébin Technologies, who was also responsible for providing funds for Force d'Orleans. It maintained funding for both teams until the Aces disbanded and absorbed by the Nevada branch of Strikeforce.

While the hotel is still known to provide free housing for assorted super heroes of the area, they have converted the old base and penthouse into hotel suites, returning to being just another of the many casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. It features a deluxe casino floor, two four-star restaurants, a twenty-three story hotel (now that the penthouse and base have been reconverted back) and three theaters.

© Copyright 2003, 2022 - James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 24 October 2017