Ravens and Associates

Created by Ken Hallaron
Location: Chicago, IL

A medical practice to house the official offices of the team of doctors and nurses that provide assistance to and do research with the Champions of Justice and their subsiterary groups, Ravens and Associates maintains an office in Lexington Tower in downtown Chicago. While the partners and employees rarely operate outside of one of the CoJ's bases, the office provides an address for mailings and a location for meetings not dealing with the parahuman community. The psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Strubachincoscow was temporarily contracted through Ravens and Associates until Amy Ericson was hired.

Dr. Simone Ravens
Dr. Doyle O. Conan
Dr. David Cray
Dr. Jodi Smith
Dr. Amy Ericson
Dr. Peter Tslemnekov
Nursing Staff
Nancy Wells
Casey Dopplemier
Juanita Sanchez
Jeri Smith
Terry Stephenson
Raquel "Rocky" Stone

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Last updated on 4 July 2023