Within the RC Universe, a great many super heroes operate without being formally attached to any particular organisation or team. Either they are not inclined to work with a team, they belonged to a team which has since disbanded, or else they live in areas where law-abiding parahumans are rare. As it happens, many of them are generally associated with teams that they have frequently worked with. Each has their own reasons for remaining a solo operative, though, and so they remain independant.

Known Unaffiliated Heroes of the United States
The Baku
Barn Owl
Critical Condition
Emerald Knight
The Glump
Huntsman II
King Croc
The Mask
Metal Dragon
White Masque

Known International Unaffiliated Heroes
Arabian Knight (United Arab Emirates)
Black Dragon (Japan)
Chakram (United Kingdom)
Condor (Peru)
Fortedonna (Italy)
Kol-Gan (African rainforest)
Libertad Luchrador (Mexico)
Magen (Israel)
Professor Möbius * (Nepal)
Ryunosuke (Japan)
Sir Richard Farthingway (United Kingdom)

* - American citizen, not presently living in the U.S.

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