Within the RC Universe, a great many super heroes operate without being formally attached to any particular organisation or team. Either they are not inclined to work with a team, they belonged to a team which has since disbanded, or else they live in areas where law-abiding parahumans are rare. As it happens, many of them are generally associated with teams that they have frequently worked with. Each has their own reasons for remaining a solo operative, though, and so they remain independant.

Known Unaffiliated Heroes of the United States
The Baku
Barn Owl
Major Tom
The Mask
Metal Dragon
Neutron Man
White Mask¹

Known International Unaffiliated Heroes
Arabian Knight (United Arab Emirates)
Black Dragon (Japan)
Cazador Eterno (Mexico)
Condor (Peru)
Doctor Tesseract (United Kingdom)
Fortedonna (Italy)
Kol-Gan (African rainforest)
Libertad Luchrador (Mexico)
Magen (Israel)
Professor Möbius * (Nepal)
Ryunosuke (Japan)
Sir Richard Farthingway (United Kingdom)
Templar (Vatican City)

* - American citizen, not presently living in the U.S.

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