Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 12 (11-12)

Ulysses Shamon is a nortorious crminal scientist. After a number of altercations with the Champions of Justice, the Warriors, and the Liberty Squadron, Shamon saw the direction of things to come. He began to assemble what would become the most feared super-villain team known, Havok. As the leader of Havok, he created a crystalline headquarters on the Moon, and a teleportation system to move people from there to Earth and back. He was also the mastermind behind the Crusader-Havok Incident in Philidelphia that descimated the Crusaders.

Today, Havok is disbanded, the various criminals engaging in their capers, including Ulysses, despite being regularly sent back to the Penitentiary for Incarceration of Trans-Talents. Its only a matter of time before he, or his most loyal allies, return.

Shamon and his Allies
Ulysses Shamon

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