Guardian and Shrike

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 10-11

A family of caped crimefighters who work to stop the criminals in the Los Angeles underworld. It began with the older brother. He was occasionally aided by a young orphan who idolised him. Despite not wanting a 'sidekick', he eventually begrudgingly gave the boy some training and equipment, just to try keep him safe, once he realised he couldn't stop the boy from getting involved in some of his cases. After the first Guardian was killed, his sister adopted the mantle. In her private life, she became romantically involved with her brother's best friend. When she gave up the Guardian role, he took over the role for several months. He was, however, was also killed in action, and after a few more months, she re-assumed the role. When she encountered a runaway from Detroit with a pretanatural talent for the fighting arts and a head for vigilanteism, she took her in, determined to make sure that the teen received the training she'd need for her chosen vocation.

Active Members
Guardian II

Deceased Members
Guardian I
Lucky I
Guardian III

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© Copyright 1988, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

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