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The Radke Ultra-Security Penitentiary and Parahuman Correctional Facility is in the southwestern foothills of the Rocky Mountains, somewhere in the northeastern quadrant of Utah. Opened in 1981, Radke was the first technologically advanced penal institution built for parahuman villain containment. It has a fairly small above-ground profile: one small, heavily fortified building, and a heliport. Road and rail routes enter the grounds, but then are routed into tunnels running underground. The penitentiary was named after the designer of the facility.

The prison itself is, for all intents and purposes, four repurposed ICBM silos set in a 2x2 pattern, each approximately 150 meters from the two next to it, and 212 yards from the one across from it. The southeast silo is beneath the heliport (and has elevator access to it.) It is the silo which houses the guard staff, and contains their recreational facilities as well. Two-hundred guards live and work on site for 3, 4 or 6 month shifts, and then rotate out for a few months before they return. 6 month stints are the hardest, so they get the best pay. They are armed with the most technologically advanced restraining equipment available, and powered battlesuits similar to the ones used by the PSB Strikeforce agents. The warden, Elizabeth Ryan, is, presently, the only member of the facility to stay on continuously.

The other three silos are fifteen levels each, with the two three levels of each being for kitchens, maintenence, laundry, prisoner delivery, chapel, medical bay, etc. There are access tunnels between the four silos on the top three floors. After that it alternates. Even numbered floors have north-south tunnels, odd numbered floors have east-west tunnels. And a huge maze of duct work connects all of them. The physical plant is in the fortified building above ground, as are the warden's office, and her family's apartment.

Cells are designed for prisoners with particular parahuman abilities. Each level is geared toward a certain type of power. For example, all of the cells designed to hold super speedsters are on one level, all of the cells designed to hold psionics are on another level, etc. The each cell level has 16 cells, so a total of 576 parahumans could be housed in Radke. That's more than the present known parahuman criminal population in the U.S., so the northwest silo is unused completely. No level of the prison is filled to capacity.

Guards work in shifts of 72, 72, and 56. The extra 16 guards in the morning and evening shifts are because the guards also work the kitchens and food delivery. During the third shift, there's no meal. There are chaplains and counselers who also work at the prison; they have a rotation schedule similar to the guards, living on site for months at a time, and then months off.

The "prison library" is entirely electronic, using the an electronic "tablet" that also allows for watching television and communication between cells on a given level. The prison is in satellite communication with the outside world, with the dishes above ground, and the signals, both ways are monitored. This includes tele-video conferencing communication the prisoners are allowed to receive in lieu of on-site visitation, which would be cost prohibitive for most families and dangerous. The bulk of the prison is blocked from normal outside broadcast transmissions.

Known Inmates
Marguerite Boulet
Peter Boulet
Bonita Cortez
Fernando Gomes
Jon Hobson
Torben Fredericksen
Maria Hernandez
Falko Hiebendaal
Bold Javlantugs
Andrew Mahn
Ibrahim Munir
Harlan Oates
Mary Piper
Jaso Rwoke
Metahal Shapiro
Janja Skelin
Lance Teo
Kojima Toyoka
Albert Washington

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