Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11

The Evicted Demonz started out as four patients of the Alister Institute for the Criminally Insane. Each had superhuman powers, as well as deep psychological problems. The four of them found that they could stand to be in the same room with each other without wanting to murder the others, so they decided to work together to break out of the institution. They quickly took control of a motorcycle gang and named themselves The Evicted Demonz. The vampire Fang turned the members of the gang, along with others that the group came across, into hemovours like him.

The Evicted Demonz were stopped on their first visit to Chicago by the newly formed Hawk, with Claw decapitated by Pallequin and Bolt (along with Claw's lower half) returned to Alister, while Overkill and Fang got away. It looked as though this was the beginning of the end for this group, especially when Overkill joined with the New Outcasts and Fang was captured by the inhabitants from Der Nacht, whom he was originally a part of. However, once Overkill was captured and returned to Alister, Midas went in search of the vampire motorcycle gang, joining with them and taking Fang's place as their leader.

With a whole new group of vampires at her disposal, Midas led an attack on Alister, freeing the founders of the Evicted Demonz. Their first stop was to return to Chicago, this time sacrificing both vampire and humans alike to retrieve Claw's head from Pallequin. During the fight, Bolt and Overkill were again captured, only to be freed after receiving much-needed medical attention. The group is still out there, reeking their own brand of violent terror. In addition, the gang has been joined by other Alister inmates: Farenheit and Hell Rider. Fang was dealt with by Balatar and his rag-tag group of demon slayers, and after Midas was killed by Shrike, the team was joined by Lynx.

Active Members
The Claw Brothers
Hell Rider
The Squirrel

Deceased Members

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