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Located just south of San Francisco, Northwick Heights was a budding town during the 1950ís that would have soon developed into a suburb of the major metropolitan area if not for the leyline that opened due to the disruption that surrounds the area and the events that are drawn to it. The leyline produces an energy that imbues the females in its vicinity with magical energy, allowing them to bend the laws of physics to their will. After the inhabitants of the town realized what was happening, they vowed that they would protect the leyline from those who would want to use its power for personal gain, using their power to shield them all from the outside world, making Northwick Heights invisible. As far as the world knew, there was nothing there but wide open, undeveloped space.

When the Chaos Stone left, however, the portal to the other dimension changed. Rather than pumping mystical energy out, it began reclaiming it, draining the residents of Northeick Heights of both their magic and lives. The town was aided by their ally Balatar, however, who managed to use a Ley Line to close it, but managed to create a "leak" in the natural magic of this world. Now able to use this mystic pool, but only for limited periods of time, the town has returned to the map, but the women therein are still dedicated to protecting the magic from those that would abuse its power. They have been joined by Altitude's parents, who have secrets of their own that need guarding.

The Witches of Northwick Heights
Buttercup Monroe
Grant Monroe

Former Residents
Wanda Bryant
Berni Baxter

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