The 8th Dimension

Created by Neil Lindgren, Jim Caswell, Ken Hallaron and Doug Zeitlin

The Eighth Dimension is the nickname of the place (or places) one or more imps might come from. The first few times, during the modern heroic era, someone from Earth-K encountered one such being was during the early days of the Crusaders while they were still located in Williamsburg. The group was tormented by a creature calling herself Mischief, apparently an ifrit (a kind of firey djinn).

Another recorded encounter was when Burt Remington Jr., Stellar Lad, and Dragon was when they encountered Grunsiplestilskin, apparently a male humanoid made out of gold, ientifying himself as a cosmic surf bum. This overlapped with some of Mischief's appearances. Grunsiplestilskin also appeared to an incarcerated Mark (Stunt Man) Lewis as 'the Ghost of Elvis.'

During the early days of the DC Defenders expansion. Fantastic Man and Bouncer reported encountering a man calling himself Wayron who sent them through an extra-dimensional/ extratemporal / extraterrestrial funhouse. Wayron, at the time, appeared as an amusement park hot dog vendor.

Another being, a cosmic shapeshifter calling itself Gambit, encountered the Champions of Justice again, confusing the matters of Stellar Lad's origins. Gambit inspired Marc (Backlash) Adams' comic strip "Li'l Gambit".

Most recently, the two Society groups (The Parahuman Society of Canada and la Société Ultrahumaine du Québec) were sent out to battle one another as a practical joke by one of these tricksters. When the imp revealed themself, it claimed to be both Mischief and Wayron, though whether the imp was telling the truth is unknown.

Known Imp(s)
Gambit¹ (pl X)
[Cosmic Surf Bum/Ghost of Elvis] (pl X)
Mischief (pl X)
Wayron (pl X)

© Copyright 1988, 2023 - Neil R. Lindgren, James E. Caswell, Kenneth G. Hallaron, Douglas S. Zeitlin

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Last updated on 4 July 2023