U. S. Marshals / The Marshals

Created by Doug Zeitlin and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (10-13)

After the disintegration of Freedom Force, having CSB Field Operatives assassinated, and failed attempt to get the Champions of Justice to work for the US government, they decided to put together another team of paranormals to serve their interests. When the first team fell apart after Final Factor was assassinated and Spectrum and Emerald Knight left to join other teams, Joe Chillin was removed from supervisory duties and Ice Slade put together a new team. This group failed to impress the brass, however, and the government pulled the plug on the project, leading the remaining Marshals to help form the American Rangers.

U. S. Marshals The Marshals
Joe Chillen
Emerald Knight
Final Factor
Psionic Man
Super Patriot III

Arthur "Ice" Slade
Billy Bob McGraw
Psionic Man
Super Patriot III

© Copyright 1991, 2023 - Douglas S. Zeitlin, Kenneth G. Hallaron

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Last updated on 4 July 2023