Pacific Coast Paranormals

Created by Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 10

After Bernie and Evette Mason (along with Sandra Fox, serving as a nanny) moved back to Philidelphia to protect their newborn baby, the Frisco Freax (who's founding members had now all left) decided that they wanted to create a new image for themselves. Changing the group name to one that had a bit more positive inferrance and changing the name of the property to "The Sanctuary," they continue to protect the citizens of San Francisco from the strange occurances that seem drawn to the city by the bay.

After the team returned from San Fran Chaos, many of them looked into relocating. Some of Balatar's people who needed a home moved into The Sanctuary. The PCP, now officially consisting of only Enigma and Fasttrack, continue to serve as protectors of San Francisco by day, while they work with B.A.D.A.S.S. to protect the night.

Active Members

Sanctuary Inhabitants
Molly, the Friendly Ghost
The Walking Trees
Speedy the Wonder Bunny
Former Members
Alpha Dog
Comic Book Girl
The Diva

Former Sanctuary Inhabitants
Professor Oaken
Downy Skullcap
Pixie Scouts
Pixie Servants

Pacicfic Paranormals 2014

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Last updated on 4 July 2023