Created by Neil Lindgren, Jim Caswell and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (9-12)

They started simply as a collection of thieves. Wavelength, Titania, and Maelstrom were all art lovers after a fashion. They each possessed super powers. They became the super powered thieves known as the Collectors. They were joined at various times by Hornet or Sapphire, but these three remained close as they clashed repeatedly with the Champions of Justice or the Crusaders.

Hazard Inc. were three super-powered members of an extended family. Being from the deep South, they were closer than most brothers and sisters. They went to work as a mercanary team, calling themselves Hazard, Inc. They lost rather soundly to the D.C. Defenders a number of times.

When Wavelength decided that the Collectors needed more members, he realised that finding other art loving superhumans would not be very likely. Residing near Siphon during a stay in prison, they hit upon an idea. The Collectors and Hazard Inc. could join together to become a team of super powered Thieves-For-Hire. After recruiting a few more members and breaking jail, they became the Collection Agency. A few years passed and the group expanded once again with the inclusion of the former Feathers. After several overtures and one or two try-outs, Triple-Threat also accepted incorporation into the team.*

Active Members
Alley Cat
Grey Locust
Lady Luck
Second-hand Rose
Thunder Bow
* - On Earth-K only

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