Miss Muscles & Deflector

Created by Ken Hallaron and Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10

Miss Muscles and her partner, Deflector, were active super villains during what has become known as the "silver age" of parahuman activity. The duo started their careers as solo operatives, but teamed up quickly after meeting, both on the streets and in the bedroom. After their first jailbreak, they got married. With frequent trips to prison, both of the kids they produced were taken and put up for adoption. After several years, however, the blush wore off of their relationship and things quickly started going south. Divorce was filed when Deflector caught his wife cheating on him, and the two sourly went their seperate ways.

Rumor has it that the two resurfaced a couple of years ago during the Commodore's Tournament on Omega Island. The two were put against each other, with Miss Muscles reportingly killing her former husband in combat. Other reports said that she was also killed, but new rumors say that she may have survived and has come out of retirement.

Former Members
Miss Muscles

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Last updated on 21 February 2017