Created by Jason Hobbs, Ken Hallaron and Jim Caswell
Team PL: 9 (9-12)

Albert Kaminski was born during the rise of the second World War. In an attempt to keep their newborn son safe, his parents sent him to Brittain aboard the Kindergarden Train. Once there, he was placed into a foster home to wait for his parents... parents that never came. He grew up and proved himself to be a brilliant chemist, eventually graduating with a doctorate from Cambridge and relocating to Las Vegas in America. He had been drawn by the promise of fast wealth and easy living, but soon found himself penniless and in deep with the local mobs. He quickly turned to crime and began using his scientific genius to create weapons, becoming Alchemo. This soon drew the attention of the local superhero -- Stalwart -- and the two became arch nemesis until the fateful day that Alchemo managed to change Stalwart into a statue.

After defeating Stawart, the mobs were afraid that Alchemo had become too powerful and set him up for arrest by the police. Upon his arrest, his henchman stole his technology, headed for Canada and made a name for himself battling Ladyhawk as Dr. Atomic. Meanwhile, Albert spent the next ten years in prison and, upon serving his time, was released to rejoin society. He struggled to establish himself within the ligitimate scientific community due to his police record, but did meet and marry a lovely but nieve woman and started a family.

Active Members
The Apothecary

Deceased Members
Dr. Atomic

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Last updated on 4 July 2023