The Followers of Germanicus

Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 12

Around the dawn of A. D., the Romans launched an all out attack on the Barbarian tribes of what is now Germany. Leading the Romans was a Germanicus Ceasar, a ruthless warrior who would do anything to break his enemy, even going as far as making a bargain with the devil. By sacrificing the soul of his strongest enemy to The Boogy Man, he gained strength.

Even after Germanicus died, his followers sought that same power and often provided sacrifices in a ritualistic manner. The more innocent the victim, the stronger the bond between The Boogy Man and the disciple of Germanicus. They did not care who their victim may be or what happens to them, and with every generation, the numbers grew. Fortunately, both during the Inquisition in the 13th Century and the Witchcraft Trials in Europe and America kept the numbers of the followers down. It also ensured that the Followers of Germanicus would remain in hiding from then on.

In modern day, the Followers of Germanicus are still alive and well. It is reported that there are 13 texts detailing the history and ritual steps that are considered the bible of the Followers. While most of the followers are penny-ante would-be serial killers, few have had the opportunity to exploit the opportunity to gather and harness the power received from the ceremonial sacrifices. However, those few who have are both very careful and clever in covering up their murders. These are some of the most dangerous people in the world, for they could be anyone.

A few years ago, the Followers' connection to the source of their powers was temporarily cut off. About this time, a group of Followers, calling themselves The Coven (led by the Personaire family, along with the Diaz, Hargrove, Van Mueller, and Panzer families), devoted themselves to gaining power far greater than any that had come before. That lust for power led them to sacrifice an innocent to reopen the conduit to Der Nacht and once again bring them power. However, their chosen "Prophet" dedicated himself to destroying them and all Followers of Germanicus. Once he realized his role and had eliminated The Coven, though, he severed his own connection to Der Nacht, once again making the rituals ineffectual.

Recently, a new player put machinations in play and once again reopened the link. He and his allies have dedicated themselves not only to amassing more magical power, but also eliminating the other "upstart" Followers that they don't deem deserving of the power the ritual gives. Instead of trying to recruit more Followers, like the Coven's LaVard did, they want to eliminate the competition.

Mystery Group Independent Followers Former Followers
Doctor Sin
Jacob "Harbinger" Personaire
Daniel Panzer
Derek "Dandy Longlegs" Dreyer
D'marcus "De-Man" Manning
Albert "Green Thunder" Jones
Wilfred "Red Thunder" Jones
Christian "Tracker" Sinclair
Benny "Specs" Ostrander
Millicent "Harridan" Spencer
Micky "AtoMic" O'Shea
Lisa "Electrina" Hargrove
Viceroy Jackson
Reggie Van Mueller
Monty "Mountain Man" Hicks
Bryan "Clipper" Burmeister
Marcus "Plug" Burmeister

Destroyed Followers
Lornzo "Wizard Master" Colombo
Mr. & Mrs. Doore
Patrick Florent
David Montgomery
Charles Thurgood
James Personaire
the Delta Upsilon Delta Pi fraternity
"Marvelous" Mark Lee
Gertrude "Abomination" Heinrich
Guy "Zomboss" Duméril
Charli "Vision" Meskill
Maria Hargrove
Marshall Aldrin
Brad LaVard
Markus Toppelmier
Ashton Stevens
Brian Panzer
Brutus "The Crippler" Bronski*
Veronica "Ratbreath" Sloane*
Tanaka "Finface" Kotobuki*
Shelly Van Mueller*
Randall "Backswimmer" Barbosa
Bill "Big Bruiser" Brazier
Javi "Gravi" Herrera
Max "MinMax" Kristeller
Robert Diaz*

* - Had been depowered, but were killed while trying to regain their powers or gaining new ones.

© Copyright 1998, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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