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Therianthropy is the ability to shapeshift into other animals and back again. Those that are permenantly stuck in one form, even if it is a hybrid of human and animal or if able to shapeshift into multiple animals at will, are not considered therianthropes. The disease began as a curse, speading through the bite of the creature. Only those that are strong of will have any hope of controlling the beast within. While the best known form of therianthropy are werewolves, other forms have started developing as early as the latter part of the 20th century. A genetic mutation in recent years occasionally causes the victim to adopt a form based on the wolf's cousin. Those are the only two "naturally"-occuring forms, but magic spells have managed to create an Ailuranthrop and Sciuridthrop. All therianthropes (save those created through scientific means) are vulnerable to silver.

Lycanthropes (Were-Wolves) Cynanthropes (Were-Dogs)
Abomination -deceased-
Beastia -deceased-
Carnivora -deceased-
El Coyote²
Howler -in remission-
Rex, the Teen Wolf
Typical werewolves



Ailuranthropes (Were-Cats) Sciuridthropes (Were-Squirrels)
la Lionne Noire


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