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Before the coming of the super hero, there were mystery men. Men who fought injustice with masks, skills and weapons. Only a few had special abilities. These men had a mystique, and from this mystique grew the urban myth that they formed some kind of secret club, a "Veiled Society". The banal truth was that, while they often had assistants and helpers, the secretive natures that protected them from legal and criminal retribution, also kept them from ever being able to contact one another, even if they'd inclined to make the attempt.

Known 'Members'
The Blue Falcon (San Fransisco, CA)
l'Épéiste (Paris, France)
Justice (Williamsburg, NJ)
Kol-Gan, Regent of the Rainforest (The Congo, Africa)
Möbius, the Mystic Detective (New Orleans, LA)

Known Assistants
Luther Freeman (manservant to Möbius)
Marie le Gall (aide to Möbius)
la Pigeon Noire (aide to l'Épéiste)
Séamus O'Rourke (driver/muscle for Justice)
Tiger (aide to the Blue Falcon)

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Last updated on 1 December 2023