of Shadow Avengers

Created by Jason Hobbs and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 7

The generation before super-powered people in capes and tights began saving the world, several individual adventurers worked in major metropolitan areas to fight crime on the gritty streets. When one of these mystery men was found dead, strung up on the streets of Chicago, the rest saw the need to stay in touch with one another and watch each other's backs.... metaphorically. Although their tools were encrypted letters and telegrams, a communication network was established between many of these masked men. They were the Veiled Society.

Known Members
The Black Beetle (Detroit, MI)
The Blue Falcon (San Fransisco, CA / formerly Empire City, DE)
The Caballero II (Tijuana, Mexico)
el Conquistar (Los Angeles, CA)
Doc Steele (Empire City, DE)
l'Épéiste (Paris, France)
Justice (Williamsburg, NJ)
Kol-Gan, Regent of the Rainforest (The Congo, Africa)
Möbius, the Mystic Detective (New Orleans, LA)
Raven (London, England)
Valentine (Chicago, IL)
White Shadow (Kyoto, Japan)

Known Assistants
Luther Freeman (manservant to Möbius)
Marie le Gall (aide to Möbius)
la Pigeon Noire (aide to l'Épéiste)
Séamus O'Rourke (driver/muscle for Justice)
Tiger (aide to the Blue Falcon)

Deceased prior to 1925
The Whistling Wind (Chicago, IL)
The Alabaster Tiger (San Fransisco, CA)

© Copyright 2006, 2022 - Jason Hobbs, Kenneth G. Hallaron

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