Creative Research, Engineering, Science & Technology

Created by Ken Hallaron
Location: Empire City, Deleware

C.R.E.S.T. (Creative Research, Engineering, Science & Technology) is a corporation that is dedicated to the advancement of scientific methods through research and development that can be used in the world of parahuman relations by ordinary individuals, and to create a profit for their stockholders. They have been known to provide customers with experimental techniques that stimulate parahuman abilities or technology built to mimic them. They are also well known for providing those that have criminal records with employment opportunities and excellent benefit packages.

When Dr. Parks' work destroyed a quarter of their Florida facility (by blowing it up researching the energies related to the Omnisphere), the company relocated to Empire City and continues to work on understanding the strange things of the world and bridging the gap between paras and human kind.

Staff Members
Dr. David Duran - Chief of Operations
Dr. Wu Hu - Head of Technological Advances
________________ - Head of Advanced Armor Designs
________________ - Head of Para-Biological Research
Dr. Daniel Duran - Head of Xeno-Biological Studies
________________ - Head of Para-Energy Research

Security Staff
Fernery Gonzalez - Head of Security
Fred "The Ape" Kelley
Jack Roland

Known Customers
Magdelena Avalos-Rosado
Craig Dixon
Julie Raymond
Joćo Fernandes da Oliveira
Lilly Whitehall
Former Staff
Dr. Roger Bettany
Bryan Matthews
Lydia Monroe
Dr. Madeline Magnus
Dr. William Parks

Former Security
Robert Jones
Omar Jones
Joseph Ki
Benny Ostrander
Dr. Lisa Valley

Former Volunteers
Adam Kline
Mary Jane Watt

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Last updated on 24 September 2023