Deuce Investigations

Created by Jim Caswell
Location: New Orleans, LA

When Maurice Bodé was removed from duty as the commanding officer of the New Orleans Strikeforce, he returned to working as a private investigator. He also hired on Hugh Armstrong, a fellow former Strikeforce officer who had failed the PSB psych exam due to a bad coincidence and a mistaken offense. As business grew, he took on a second partner, and later decided to give one of his former officers a break after hitting hard times. Recently, they took on a junior partner as well. Along with their multilingual secretary, they take private cases and keep their ears to the ground for potential porblems for the local super hero team.

Active Employees
Maurice "Mr. Nobody" Bodé - Senior Investigator
Hugh "Highpockets" Armstrong
The Houngan
Salazar "Sceets" Gomes
Ryan Tate - Junior Investigator
Lexi "Lexicon" Livingston - Receptionist

© Copyright 2000, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 7 July 2023