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They are known by many names: Bigfoot, Abomidable Snowman, Yeti, Sasquatch. They are the mysterious, hidden primates that are believed to be legends and folklore from around the world. It is believed that they first evolved in Asia, where they survive today, hidden in the Himilaya Mountains. During one of the glacial periods they moved west across Beringia (the "land bridge" across what is now the Bering Strait) into North America. It is unknown at this time if the Australian Yowie is part of the same family of creatures, and if it is, how it crossed from Sunda, across the Tomor Sea, to Sahul.

Avoiding humans, the creatures seem to have some degree of sapience; however, their cultures are very primitive. And, having lived apart for millenia, the North American and Asian versions of these creatures do not like one another much.

Asian Cryptid Primates
Yeti (Himilayas)
Hunting Wolf (Tibet)
Almas (central Asia)
Batutut (Viet Nam Laos)
Hibagon (Japan)
Yeren (China)
North American Cryptid Primates
Sasquatch (Canada, U.S.)

Australasia Cryptid Primates
Moehau (New Zealand)
Yowie (Australia)

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