Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 14)

The Thunder Twins are, arguably, the most feared pair of super-villains on the planet. They were a part of Havok for several years, until the villain team was disbanded by the Champions of Justice. During that time, though, the Twins garnered a reputation as high-powered villains with a penchant for extreme cruelty. They have killed a number of super-heroes, and raped several as well. Since Havok's capture on the moon, it has been known that the Twins were Followers of Germanicus, but they were more powerful than most Followers. It has recently been learned that they are the children of the Amazon Grace's old foe, Virago, both of whom are Erylusian. It has been shown that first generation human-erylusian hybrids are born with a great deal of physical power. That, augmented with Germanicus der Nachtian power, and a fair amount of sorcerous skill, and the result is the Thunder Twins.

Thunder Twin Green
Thunder Twin Red

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Last updated on 4 July 2023