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In the realm of the RCU Omniverse, not all Earths are true parallel Earths. On Earth-K, only five other Earths: Earth-F, Earth-E, Earth-M, Earth-W, and Earth-Y are known and are recognised as actual parallel Earths; a sixth Earth (Earth-G) was visited once, after life was destroyed there, but before its collapse.

Earth-S is a different Earth, but is temporally out of synch with Earths-K, -W, -Y, etc. As such it is not parallel, but it is a known alternate Earth.

The Earth-K's leading expert on the Multiverse, Doctor Tesseract, has indicated that there are many more Earths. The existence of the villainous Birdmen seems to support that idea.

For a time, the presence of the Chaos Stone in the Bay Area of Earth-K made a perpendicular Earth-like reality temporarily accessible. This is no longer the case.

Earth-L was a temporal disruption within the history of Earth-K that has since collapsed back into Earth-K's timeline.

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Last updated on 9 July 2023