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Earth-L is the multiverse designation given to a dimension parellel to Earth-K that formed due to the machinations of a time-traveler named Timefire. In his first journey back through time to save the life of his wife, he created a divergent reality in which she survived. The butterfly effect took over from there, however, causing the dimension to splinter further. Joe Chillin did not end up going to Russia to negotiate a peace with the invading alien force, which led to a war of epic proportions and costing Earth-L many of its mightiest heroes.

Back on Earth-K, Timefire, now fully insane, attacked the founding members of the Champions of Justice before they gained their abilities, causing a rip in time and space. After the CoJ managed to correct the damage done, the reforming universe reabsorbed the errant dimension, integrating Earth-L back into Earth-K.

The Hawk were the group primarily featured in Earth-L storylines before being re-absorbed.

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