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The parallel world known as Earth-W had a far different level of development as far as superhumans are concerned. After the Great War, which used metahumans as weapons and desimated millions of people, all metahumans were outlawed. The government's logic didn't quite pan out, however, as people who had parahuman abilities and intended to use them to cause harm to society still did so, encouraged by the fact that there weren't any heroes around to stop them. Those who did want to help humanity had to do so without the support of law enforcement and tended to deal with situations more harshly (and permanently) than if they were working on the side of the law.

After the White Knights and their allies proved that the laws were flawed and unfair, the restrictions against metahumans was lifted and supers were once again allowed to live without hiding. Recently, however, it has been discovered that metas are still disappearing without explanation and a clear danger exists.

The White Knights
Ham Mulligan
The Vindicator
Doctor Claw
Nick O'Time

Former Titan Project Prisoners
Prisoner #273
Prisoner #451
Prisoner #842
Prisoner #1062
Prisoner #1310
Prisoner #2509
Prisoner #2747

Deceased Titan Operatives
The Warden

The B.T.K's (Blood-Thirsty Killers)
Natural Disaster

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