Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11

A criminal organisation was using Saint Louis, MO for the hub of their new operation. As is often the case, they attracted the attention of several local heroes. British Intelligence, Micron, Shock Absorber, Tank, Valkyrie, and Whirlwind all banded together to fight this common threat. They became the Gateway Guardians.

Entropy has not been kind to the Guardians. Whirlwind and Tritan moved on almost immediately; Tank went mercenary, and Valkyrie was a victim of of the Blasters' systematic super hero assassination plan. In time even Shock Absorber and British Intelligence took extended leaves to work with the Knights of Justice and the Pendragons, respectivly.

The appearance of two new heroes, Starlight and Pyre, in the Saint Louis area saved the Gateway Guardians from becoming defunct for awhile, but time has still taken it's toll.

Former Founding Members
British Intelligence
Shock Absorber
Tank, the Flying Fortress

Former Later Members

Former Allies

Deceased Founding Members
Valkyrie I

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Last updated on 26 July 2023