Rainbow Warriors

Created by Doug Zeitlin
Team PL: 10

Originally known as the Demolition Squad and powered by the crystals hidden inside three belts and a cape, the founding four members were caught early in their career for robbery in the city of Boston. There equipment confiscated, Assistant District Attorney Dwight Jones was examining it when they attempted to break out of jail. Using the belts and cape, Dwight stopped their escape and became the hero known as Spectrum.

The quartet were soon released due to lack of evidence, and resurfaced with a member exchange and all-new powers as The Rainbow Warriors. While no direct link has been found between them and the man who goes by the same name, their shared infatuation with Spectrum and the color theme is evident. The Rainbow Warriors were once again captured and imprisoned during a fight that brought them into conflict with both Eclipse and the Champions of Justice, this time sending them to the PITT (they apparently lost their powers after capture).

While in prison, the team's leader revealed to the world Spectrum's secret identity, essentially ruining the man's political career and sending his home life spiraling. It was soon after that the group was paroled. Months later, the quartet has resurfaced with their missing teammate and two new members in tow. They also had a new target in the New Orleans hero Diamant, who uses jewel-like devises that drew the attention of both the Rainbow Warriors and Spectrum.

† - original members of the Demolition Squad.

Active Members
Red Rocket
Orange Obsession
Golden Goliath
Green Gnome
Blue Bolt
Ultra Violent

© Copyright 1991, 2023 - Douglas S. Zeitlin, James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 4 July 2023