The Caporetta Family

Created by Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 11 (9-12)

The Caporettas, one of the many Italian mob families out there, are primarily based out of New York City and Detroit, but have been attempting to branch out into other cities. One of the primary advantages that keep them from having too many setbacks is the fact that the family proportedly has parahumans within its ranks, but after taking major hits in San Fransisco and New Orleans, they have pulled back. Heads of Vegas have also been traded out recently, maintaining the underworld hold for the moment.

Poughkeepsie, NY
Lisa Caporetta
Anthony Caporetta
Ashley Caporetta
Tatra Caporetta

Las Vegas, NV
Titus "The Elephant" Caporetta
Hans the Hand
Low Blow

The Rulers (New Orleans gangbangers)
The Quetzals (San Fransisco gangbangers)

Detroit, MI
Jocko Caporetta

General Use
Mob runner / thug


© Copyright 1988, 2019 - Neil R. Lindgren

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