Project: Coffee

Created by Ken Hallaron

During the early 1940's, the world was dawning on a new day with an explosion of parahumans. Submerged in the bitter turmoil of World War II, the US Government determined that it would be in their best interest to try to manufacture more parahumans. To this end, scientists traveled to St. Louis where they set up shop at Maxwell Industries, a strong contributor to the war effort with their manufacturing of vacuum tubes. Providing medical care for the women who worked in the factory and the surrounding area, the scientists also introduced experimental chemicals intended to alter their genetics and encourage the development of parahuman abilities. After a year of treatments on fourty-two subjects, the scientists switched over to observations and monitored for positive results. By this time, however, the war was drawing to a close and dedication to the creation of parahumans was decreased. Within five years, funds were cut significantly and the project was soon dubbed a failure when none of the subjects showed signs of parahuman abilities. As such, the project was scrubbed with all research and materials destroyed.

What the scientists didn't anticipate was the extended period of time that genetic manipulations would take given their limited resources. Instead of development that could be measured in years, it took decades for positive results to surface. The grandchildren of the original test subjects began displaying psychokinetic abilities, with a majority of the world's mentalists (with varying side effects) having a direct tie back to Project: Coffee.

Test Subject #4 Test Subject #13 Test Subject #18
Elmwood, Brady

Hart, Redmond
Hart, Scarlett

Caporetta, Lisa
Caporetta, Tatra
Caporetta, Ashley
Mangione, Valentina

Test Subject #21 Test Subject #22 Test Subject #23
Stewart, Brittian

Kenickie, Penelope
Kenickie, Tamara

Lexington, Ronald

Test Subject #25 Test Subject #26 Test Subject #29
York, David
York, Louise

Jefferson, Bob

Davidson, Brian

Test Subject #30 Test Subject #34
Roberts, Morgana
North, J.B.

Reinhardt, Peter

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