Friends of the World

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 12 (10-14)

Billionaire Amos Caldwell Junior was convinced that the Cold War between East and West was going to result in the annihilation of the world, unless something was done. He decided it was his duty to try to prevent the end of the world. Towards that end, he secretly had Ninevah Base constructed in the remote northern Alaskan wilderness, a location of similar distance from the Lower 48 as it was from the Soviet Union. He and his wife moved there, but he was only able to convince a few scientists and medical specialists to join his cause. His only son, Amos Caldwell III, was born and raised there as well. Caldwell groomed him in his own image and then some. The younger Amos was indoctrinated with his father's world view, even as he was trained mentally and physically to be the leader his father believed that he would need to be.

In time, the threat of the Cold War dwindled and age and disease claimed the elder Caldwell and his wife. His son, though, survived, and came to conclude that armegeddon was still coming, but that it was parahumans, not weapons, that would bring it. He also came to believe that only parahumans could prevent it, so he set out to become a parahuman. He and his scientists developed a lightweight flying rig. They also developed a weapon that duplicates an energy surge from the other-dimensional realm known as the Underdark. Then Amos Caldwell III adopted the name Nimrod, after the Babylonian Legend, and sought to infiltrate the parahuman fraternity so as to find the best way manipulate it towards his own ends, and, being more charismatic than his father, found others to join his cause.

Nimrod's first agent, codenamed Blackout, died early on in his career. Later, he arranged for Eclipse to seek him out when they had been framed for crimes against America. While he only turned their ally, Marathon, to his cause, he also managed to get a sample of Harvey Munroe's blood, and then reverse engineered an approximation of the Wonder Warrior drug. He has recently recruited powerful allies to become his Friends of the World. They are assisted by scientist Emily Weiss, Xam Xian's paramour.

Active Members
Nimrod the Hunter
Xam Xian

Deceased Pre-Members
Blackout I

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