The Yakuza

Adapted by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11

While groups like the Italian Mob, the Chinese Triad, the Japanese Yakuza and the Russian Mafiya (just to name a few) are prolific, the world of organized crime has typically strived to remain under the radar of the superhuman population due to the high probability of interference in their operations. On those rare occasions that they do draw attention to themselves, they are soon broken up by whichever superhuman is local to their region. Many groups have had to learn this lesson the hard way (the gang known as the Mutants come to mind). Occasionally, however, a street gang and / or mob family can continue operations despite superhero involvement, usually due to parahuman muscle of their own.

In spite of the superhero presence in New Orleans, the Yakuza has made moves to take over criminal operations in the void left by the decreasing power of the Boulets. This puts them in direct competition with the Ruspovik Crime Family, who want to do the same.

New Orleans Yakuza
Kadokawa Takei
Kazuta Takei

Former Associates

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