The Outcasts

Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11 (10-12)

The Outcasts were the Windy City Warriors first and most consistent foes. It was the emergence of these villains that first brought the original Warriors together as a team, and their ability to avoid capture thanks to the teleporter Spectre made them a force to be reckoned with. The Warriors were only able to defeat the group when Professor Mercury's desire for power overcame his good senses and he attempted to destroy the city via a doomsday devise. Having killed several members of The Warriors, Mercury was finally taken down by a distraught Golden Eagle, but not before releasing the weapon. If not for the apparent sacrifice of Captain Miracle, he would have succeeded. The rest of the Outcasts were captured and imprisoned, with the exception of Spectre.

With Professor Mercury gone, The Outcasts seemed to be a thing of the past until the professor's daughter, calling herself Potion, emerged from hiding to take her rightful place as head of The Outcasts. With her genius son by her side and vengeance in her heart, she brought back together the group her father built. Her son, after having the original Monolith killed because he liked the name, set himself up in battle armor and took over the title. The devilish duo, vowing to destroy the man who killed the professor and all that helped him, set out to wipe out the Hawk and all semblance of Carter's heroic dream of a safe Chicago.

Occationally they brought in outside operatives like Beastia, who had a desire to destroy Howler, Midas, who wanted revenge against Midnight Cross, and Overkill, who joined just long enough to break the Evicted Demonz out of the Alister Institute again. Midas left at the same time, seeking more power.

The Outcasts found themselves returned to their roots, with Potion progressively loosing her grip on reality due to her quest for vengeance. With an organized strike on Lexington Tower, Potion believed that she could finally force Carter to surrender himself to her. After again fighting the Hawk, she found herself alone and defeated, having her own son turn against her dream, sighting her quest as illogical. She and most of the Outcasts were carted off to jail as Monolith watched with plans and plots of his own dancing in his head.

Former Members


Deceased Members
Professor Mercury

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