Pierce Manufacturing Company

Created by Ken Hallaron and Jim Caswell
Location: Dallas, TX

As the bronze age of parahumans began, the Pierce Manufacturing Company created the first "super-gun" for public distribution. Firing a .57 caliber bullet from an expanded barrel and holding five in the cylinder, the gun's stopping power was far above anything that had come before. Based on the sales of the hand gun, the company was able to go into mass production and eventually started expanding their product line to automatics and even began experimenting on even larger calibers. As the bullet size grew, however, the greater the kickback, leading to only those with enhanced strength being able to use them. The Pierce .57 remains their top seller, however, keeping them at the top of the pack of super-gun production.

© Copyright 1990, 2023 - Jeff Pierce, Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 4 July 2023