Pontificate Swiss Guard

Adapted by Ken Hallaron and Paul Corley

The Swiss Guard has been acting as military protection for the Pope and Vatican City since the 15th century. However, in the age of parahumans, there was a sense it would fall short. However, about a decade ago, a holy relic was discovered under undisclosed cicumstances. It was a suit of mystical armor, and when worn by certain people, it has great protective abilities. It doesn't work for most, including the Swiss soldiers who make up the bulk of the guard. The user of the armor has to be priest of knowledge and devotion. There may be other requirements. Recruits are found largely by trial and error. There have now been three men to be Templar. The first,a priest originally from from Quebec, was murdered. His back-up, an Angolan, became the new primary, and an American is now his back-up. They dutifuly protect the pontiff, and the Apostilic Palace, but since there is only one Templar armor, there is only ever one Templar. They do not let on that there are more than one man.

Active Templars
Monsignor Cristovo Mlambo
Father Ted Brown

Deceased Templars
Monsignor Wayne de Monterand

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